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International Network

International Network

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Our Austrian subsidiary services clients
across the EU

Complementing our work handling clients from the entire German-speaking region we’ve established an Austrian subsidiary in order to meet regulations for intermediaries wishing to offer services elsewhere in the EU. Schmidt Versicherungs Treuhand GmbH is located in Klosterneuburg/Vienna and registered and admitted in most EU countries.

WING: your gateway to international partners
In 1994 Schmidt Versicherungs Treuhand AG joined the World Insurance Network Group (WING) network of independent broking firms to provide international services for its clientele. Jörg Schmidt has been a member of the WING board for many years, helping the network to grow to the size it is today – an organization of independent, medium-sized brokers represented in over 50 countries. In 2015 WING has celebrated its 25th anniversary.

WING means that clients can easily find reliable partners worldwide who are able to service their international subsidiaries. Partner brokers work on our behalf and ensure that multinational insurance programmes are implemented locally according the needs of the parent companies. Local insurance and legal requirements are also effectively met too.

Schmidt Versicherungs Treuhand AG, in turn, is able to deliver the same high service levels on behalf of network colleagues whose clients require cover in our homemarkets.

Excellent relationships in the USA
Schmidt Versicherungs Treuhand AG is an international member of the Council of Insurance Agents and Brokers (CIAB) situated in Washington DC. The CIAB is the most important insurance organisation in the USA and represents 95% of the domestic industrial insurance market. The Council looks after the interests of its member firms and represents them to the Federal and State authorities. It is relatively recently that European members have also been represented by the CIAB in their home countries.

CIAB membership brings direct benefits for our clients too by offering us easy access to information, seminars and conferences as well as experienced broker partners should we need them.