Schmidt Versicherungs Treuhand AG



Your insurance specialist for equine

Whether it involves placing insurance for racehorses, showjumpers or horses bred for dressage, securing the right cover for such high-value animals is extremely demanding. One not only needs a great deal of experience and horse know-how, but also a thorough understanding of how this niche insurance market operates.


In co-operation with our partner Berns Equine Insurance GmbH, we offer a range of unique insurance options designed to meet the very specific demands of high-end horse investors and owners.

Our deep knowledge of our equine clients’ needs and priorities enables us to support and protect them across all areas of their business. So whether you need tradi-tional life insurance, cover for permanent loss of use, a tailor-made liability policy for a single horse or you run a stable, we look forward to being of assistance. We’re confident we have the answer to all your questions.